Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're going back...back...back to school again.

I think that's how the song goes...

I registered for fall classes at my local college finally. I was hit with disappointment concerning my management courses; they're each only one friggin' credit. Ugh. I ended up signing up for Business Mathematics (?!) for three credits. It's a full semester course, hopefully I'll make it through. The Supervisor suggested I just CLEP the other management course to save time and money.

Also, I finally submitted an application to University of Maryland University College, two years after first coming across the site. I plan on taking online courses towards my bachelor's degree. If I move to North Carolina when I get out, I'll try to transfer to UNC. Hopefully they won't give me trouble; when I was in PR I overheard my dad on the phone with UNC, and it sounded like they were giving him trouble about transferring his credits over from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Lame.

Yes, I fully intend on taking three full semester courses this semester in the classroom as well as taking online courses. Rich is going to Afghanistan, and I don't have many friends. I need something to occupy my time for the next year. Besides, I've been procrastinating waaaay too much on my education. A lot of the people that showed up at this base at the same time as me already have their CCAF degrees, and some of them are well on their way to getting another degree. I've been slacking!!

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