Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hooray for not making staff!!

I have once again failed in my half-hearted attempts to make the next rank and put another blue stripe on each sleeve of this oh-so-fashionable uniform. Which means I have once again avoided the responsibility of supervising some snot-nosed troop fresh out of tech school with the rosy and naive expectation of an Air Force that is more fair than anything they've encountered thus far in their early months of their enlistment. My only disappointment is not being able to crush that view and splatter its guts all over the wall.

Oh, and not being the next NCO D in a line of NCO Ds. My uncle and godfather, the patriarch of the D Family, retired as an E-7 from the guard. My dad retired as an E-6 from the guard. I suppose it shall be my fate as well, only I plan on retiring from the reserves. And with a rank higher than Staff Sergeant, thank you very much.

I am only a Senior Airman. And I guess I'm okay with that for now. It was too much pressure to have to study anyhow. And with the workload I've signed on for this semester, I'd rather not go to Airman Leadership School anytime soon.

Besides...Grandpa only made it as far as Private First Class in the army. So, nyeh.

I'm drinking tonight.

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