Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My cat is a goddamn Houdini!

In the time it took for us to watch one episode, no commercials, of Parks and Recreation, Simi snatched a chicken bone off my plate and broke that bitch down into SHARDS. I've only found two little pieces so far. The Goddess only knows there the hell the rest of it went.

What's that sound?

*screaming and cursing from the direction of Fiance's game room*

That, dear readers, is the sweet sound of the newly-released Battlefield 3 Limited Edition.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vendors Needed: Multi-Vendor Quarters Auction Benefit

I am putting together a multi-vendor quarters auction benefit for next month and I'm looking for vendors. We'll have some vendors set up display tables, and the rest will be filling up the tables with guests. If you haven't done a quarters auction before, it's a great way to drum up business and pull in orders and shows. We're raising money for an individual close to me with a benign tumor growing behind his upper gum line and up into his nasal cavity. His insurance will not cover the surgery needed to remove it or the bone graft needed to fill in the gap that will be left behind. We'll be collecting money via 50/50, a raffle, and selling bid card paddles. If you're interested, we ask that you donate $30 worth of product for the auction to reserve a table for your guests; each additional table will be a simple $5 fee. If you would like to run a display table, it's $10. I already have display tables for Lia Sophia, The Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, and Premier Designs.

The benefit will be held at the Knights of Columbus hall in Fairview Heights, Illinois, off of Old Collinsville Rd, on Thursday, 17 November. I will be arriving at the hall no later than 3 PM to start setting up for the event, and we'll open the doors to guests at 5:45 with the auction kicking off at 6:45.

For those of you unfamiliar with how a quarters auction works, here's an explanation. Guests (and vendors if they wish) will bid on items with quarters using bid paddles. Each paddle has a number. If a guest sees an item they wish to bid on, they simply place the required number of a quarters in a designated bowl on their table. The bid will be anywhere between 1 and 4 quarters. No one will pay more than $1 for any item they may win. If their number is called, and the person has placed a bid, they win the item. If they haven't placed a bid, a new number is called until a winner is found. Guests will purchase an initial paddle for $2. There's also an option to purchase a Golden Paddle for $25 (limit 1 per guest); this allows them to bid nonstop all night without using quarters. Additional paddles (not golden; limit 3 per guest) can be earned by placing a $40 order with any vendor or booking a show.

This can be marketed as a way to host a free show. Tell your guests that if they bring 8-10 guests with them they can qualify as the "host" of the table. All orders at the table that night go towards their show. This encourages them to invite and bring more guests.

Feel free to spread the word to any vendors you think may be interested, and start inviting guests. If you'd like to get your payment in ahead of time, you can mail it to me (message me for address). I must receive all payments before 5:00 PM the day of the auction. All donated product must have a brief description of the item as well as the retail value; this helps us determine how many quarters we'll ask for in the bid.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about this.

Guests: If you're interested in attending as a guest, e-mail me to reserve a spot. If you RSVP by 1 November, you'll have a free cookbook waiting for you at the event. As stated above, bring 8-10 guests to qualify as the host of the table. Or, you can collect $100 in orders prior to the event and be entered into a drawing for a chance to be my Mystery Host for the evening. This is a fun way to jump start your holiday shopping and help someone in need.

Not able to attend, but wish to contribute in some way? Feel free to place a Pampered Chef order with me. All of my commission will go to the individual. Go to to view the catalog and our latest special. (Don't order online, the order will not come to me.)

Thank you, and have a great week. (And go Cardinals!)

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