Thursday, May 30, 2013

An ending, a beginning, whatever.

Lost my job. Hoping unemployment gets approved. Signing up for classes to get my Post 9/11 GI Bill. Rawr.


Moving forward.

I'm gonna take classes for a certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist, and I'm meeting with an admissions counselor tomorrow at the university campus 10 minutes down the road to sign up for their IT program. Meanwhile I'm looking for a part time job.

Then, when Fordski gets home next month, we're gonna go see an Air Force recruiter to see if they'll take me back. Fingers crossed.

I've taken up gardening, finally! I have cilantro, parsley, sweet basil, hot and spicy oregano, sage, and garlic chives growing in pots; I planted bell pepper and apple seeds yesterday; and I need to transplant butternut squash, beefsteak tomatoes, and sweet potatoes when I have the bed set up. My neighbor gave me an 8x4 frame from his garden that he's not using anymore. I still need to plant seeds for carrots, green onion, and two kinds of lettuce; and I still need to buy corn, watermelon, and pumpkin to transplant. I'm so excited for this!

Yesterday I drove out to a farm to pick up free range chickens that were butchered...yesterday. I can still hear the echoes of their clucking, bwahahaha. I picked up 3, all cut up for $26.25. And this Saturday I'm hitting up a farmers market to check their prices on grass-fed beef.

And then next weekend, I'm all signed up for another week of Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School, yay!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Brass knuckles.

Sick with worry, frustration, anger. What is the deal? I let the anger consume me over everything else to maintain my sanity. I will punch you in the throat when I finally see you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I dreamed a dream.

I dreamed that you had left me, desiring a break from "us". A short time passed, and I decided a "break" was unbearable. I searched for you until I came to a house. Inside I found a woman of indistinguishable features. I asked this woman where I might find you. I learned from this woman that she was a previous girlfriend. and that she and you were once again an item.

I was upset. I was numb. I left the house, and wandered aimlessly. My mind and my heart were empty. Then the memories crept in; memories of you telling me you loved me, telling me you would marry me. I heard your voice in the depths of my soul as I attempted to imagine clearly a future without you.

Suddenly I found myself surrounded by a sense of wrongness. It was in the air around me like a fog, so thick you could cut it with a knife. It became to overwhelming that it actually crowded me out of the dream, forcing me into wakefulness.

Many time I have forced myself out of an unpleasant dream; otherwise my REM cycle ends on its own. This is the first time I dream has kicked me out.

The Swan Wing.

Once upon a time, a dude named Branc wished he had a swan's wing in place of his left arm. A drunk genie granted his wish before eloping with the Blue Fairy. Excited to have his swan wing, Branc ran into the forest to "fap and flap". He began to fap, and then began to flap. However, the flapping of his great wing sent gusts of air whipping around, disturbing a nearby wasp nest. The wasps, furious at the disturbance, attacked Branc, and stung him mercilessly. He lost his balance, and fell off a precipice into a deep lake. Having only one arm to swim with, he could not keep his head above water; and so he drowned.
The end.