Friday, March 9, 2007


Yeah, it's been a minute. Shoot me.

I've been having a blast out here, which makes the time fly, bringing me one minute closer to going home to Eric and the cats.

However, a cloud is over me at the moment. My initial reaction was to vomit. Then I was shaking with rage and disbelief. Now I have calmed down a bit.

Since I've been here, I've met quite a few R&R peeps that are really cool. We make new friend every week as they come and go, people I hope to keep in touch with for years to come. This week we met Josh, Cory, and Ben, all army deployed to Iraq. Well, apparently Cory had developed a crush on me. He left for Iraq last night, and this morning I had a message from him on MySpace telling me how guilty he felt about considering we were both married, and apologizing if this offended me. I was a little surprised, but willing to look past it because of his honesty.

Then his wife stepped in. I think it's safe to assume that this woman has his passwords and whatnot, because she straight up asked me if I was the woman her husband had a fling with in Qatar.

This is why I don't have many female friends.

I was unable to reply to her, which is probably a good thing because it would not have been nice. Instead I e-mailed Cory, telling him I accept his apology and informing that he should probably get a hold of his wife and and give her some assurance of his love.

I feel as if I have been touched by something unclean. Why do people do this?? It's like when I first got here and Shane and I were becoming such good friends, and out of nowhere his supervisor starts going on about appearances and assumptions and how if we're not careful someone might say the wrong thing, leading to us getting investigated for adultery!! WTF?!?!

Needless to say, that made for an awkward conversation.

For once, can I be friends with someone without somebody getting their panties in a bunch over it??