Thursday, December 19, 2013

Great news equals stress.

On December 17th, 2013, Fordski and I hit the one-year, 5-month mark. I was not paying attention to the date, but he was. He said something about it, said it wasn't enough...and got down one knee.

I said yes, in case you're wondering.

I told the Sister I would wait until after the New Year to start officially planning, so that I could have a couple of weeks to soak in the glow (and to let her, my maid of honor, recover from very recent maid of honor duties). But I can't help it. Here I am stressing over the budget (we have spending way too much on eating out!) and a color scheme for the wedding that works with varying skin tones and hair colors. (This is what I get for inviting  and assortment of gingers, brunettes, blondes, pale skins, and brown people to be part of the wedding party.) Ugh! I need to calm down!

Look, our first annual holiday card!

Photos courtesy of my dear friend at Sayrah J Photography!