Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broken silence...and changes.

My last day of regular, full time employment was the 18th. Two reasons: one that is ultra-personal and no one's damn business; the other is school. I put off going to school full time when I left active duty to take the contractor job, because I was terrified of the thought of living on nothing else but $1K a month and six months of unemployment. Not I don't even have unemployment to rely on. But that's okay. I can't put it off any longer. I'm still two classes away from my associate's, and it's about damn time I got started on my bachelor's. I'm 25 years old; I'm not getting any younger.

I've got a gig baby-sitting for the Redhead three days a week with some chores thrown in a few times a month. I've filling out applications for part-time retail jobs. I'm doing what I can to drum up some Pampered Chef business. (So, if you're in the local area, I would love you forever if you booked a party for me. You don't have to spend a dime; make everyone else buy stuff and reap the benefits! Srsly.) Fiance will do what he can to help me with my bills, but for the time being, we're gonna have to be super-frugal, and I'm gonna be one broke student.

I've been cleaning more lately. Mostly in the kitchen. I've been obsessive about keeping it clean. And my bathroom, which used to always look like Hurricane Katrina had been through there, now looks nice and organized. I like being in there now.

I haven't been on Facebook for weeks. I've gotten a couple of concerned messages as a result (I get private messages via text). My blog still feeds to FB, so if you're reading this, you should know that I'll be deleting it soon. My profile, not my blog. It'll be a damn shame; for the majority of the people on my friend list, that's my only way of keeping in touch with them. So if you wanna keep in touch outside of that, shoot me your e-mail address via private message on FB. I'll still have this blog, and my Twitter, so feel free to follow either one. Or both. Or neither. Your call. And if you're military, I'm still in the GAL, look me up.

(And if you're interested in a Pampered Chef party...which would be awesome...we have a brand new spring/summer catalog and twenty-seven new products. E-mail me.)

I haven't forgotten you, Monica!! I'll e-mail you soon!!