Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly Update: Part III

What happened to Part II?? Um...I was being lazy about updating. Sorry!!

Here are the stats.

Weight loss after week one: 2.6 pounds.
Weight loss after week two: 1 pound.
Weight loss after week three: 1.6 pounds.

Yes, I have lost my first 5 pounds (5.2, total)!! As a result, my daily points have been adjusted, from 20 to 19. Somehow, I'll live.

Some of my recent favorite Weight Watchers recipes include Rosemary Roast Beef Tenderloin with Vegetables, Lemon Corn Muffins with Raspberries, Baked French Toast, and Fast French Dip. Yum, yum, yum!! Let me know if any of you want these recipes.

I've been lazy on the workout front. I got lazy about it half-way through week two, and I was only tracking walking activity points because of how far I've been parking my car from my building. But yesterday I got back in gear with a one-hour walk on the treadmill, with speeds ranging from 3.6 to 4 miles and hour. It was pretty rough. I knocked out about 3.8 miles, and burned 380 calories. My legs were jell-o for the rest of the day.

Today I'm having some friends over for a buffet-style dinner. One of them, KJ, is a friend from my deployment. I haven't seen him in three years, and I'm pretty excited about having him over. My two favorite girls will be in attendance as well (speaking of which, I got to feel Dee's baby kick the other night, yaaaay!!!!), along with a friend of KJ's that I met after he moved here with his wife, Chuck and Alyssa. Alyssa is also pregnant, but hopefully poor Fiance won't be overwhelmed by the amount of estrogen in the house.

I'm making more Weight Watchers recipes for dinner. I'll be one later to discuss them, and maybe share my favorites. 'Bye!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly update: Part I.

I weighed in yesterday at 131.8 pounds. I lost 2.6 pounds during my first week. I exercised daily, getting in at least thirty minutes; I did an hour on the treadmill on Saturday and Sunday after drill. I'm already noticing one or two pairs of pants that are not quite so suffocating. I've been drinking plenty of water, eating lots of veggies, and enjoying the food that goes in my mouth. Cheese-stuffed chicken burgers, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, steak, corn, bacon-egg-cheese sandwiches, oatmeal, blueberry muffins, oranges, yogurt, Parmesan-crusted chicken breast...all delicious!! (Except for the carrots...I just can't dig 'em, raw or cooked, unless they're part of a roast.)

That's one week down. Woot!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling good so far.

Day Two of Change.

I feel good about today. I had another grab-n-go egg sandwich for breakfast, and brought a big bottle of water to work to sip on all day. For lunch, I had leftovers from last night's dinner: chicken breast (4 pts), broccoli (0 pts), and asparagus (0 pts) with a can of Coke Zero (0 pts). I did a total of twenty minutes of walking today, earning me 1 activity point, and did 30 minutes on a stationary bike at the gym, earning me 3 activity points. I finished up my workout with 15 minutes in the sauna, and headed home.

Now I'm working on dinner, making some Parmesan-crusted chicken breast (6 pts), fried redskin potatoes (2 pts), and canned corn (2 pts) for myself and Fiance. That leaves me 2 pts for dessert, and I'm probably gonna have one of the Weight Watchers ice cream treats sitting in the freezer.

I feel so motivated!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Off to a good start.

Day One of Change.

Started the day off right with a breakfast sandwich totaling four points. I won't know until I go to the meeting this afternoon how many points I'm allotted each day, but I still feel that's a good start.

Grab 'N Go Breakfast (from a Weight Watchers recipe book)
1 egg
1 tsp of bacon bits
salt and pepper to taste
1 slice of Weight Watchers cheese
2 slices of Weight Watchers whole wheat bread

Spray a 2-cup plate with nonstick cooking spray. Mix the egg, bacon bits, and salt and pepper in a small mixing bowl. Pour the mixture onto the plate and microwave on high for one minute. Place the cheese on top of the egg. Using a fork or spatula, lift the egg off the plate and place it on the bread. Wrap it up in plastic and go.

It was pretty tasty. If I get hungry between now and lunch, I'll eat some baby carrots; ten of them are zero points.

Back on the wagon.

Today I renew my Weight Watchers membership. I gave it a shot back in October, weighing in at 122 at my first meeting. At five-foot-two, the minimum weight for me is 109. I was shooting for 110. Then I went to Alaska, fell off the wagon, and never went back to the meetings after returning.

This morning I weighed in at 134.2. The max weight for my height is 137. I still remember the first time I realized that I had broken the 130 mark. I have never in my life weighed this much, and while I am by no means obese, or even really fat by medical standards, I have had to go up a pants size, and jeans that fit me three months will not go past my thighs now. I have BACK FAT now, and love handles...and MUFFIN TOP, ugh! My military uniform is feeling tight, too. I can't button the top two buttons of the pants; I only have one set, and my unit will not purchase more uniform items for me until I've been with them for six months. So I have to wait until at least April's drill weekend to get them.

At last month's drill, I failed my PT test. This is a first for me. I knew I was gonna fail it; I haven't done PT in a year. It was the first time I didn't max out my waist measurement, too. Thirty-one-inch waist; it used to be twenty-seven inches. I have up to six months to retake the test; the earliest I can is April. I'd like to get in shape in time to do it in April; May at the latest.

I want to be in shape; I want to fit my clothes. I was asked by a lady selling purses if I was pregnant. An asshole at work had made fun of me not once, but TWICE for looking pregnant. My stomach is almost the same size at Dee's, and she's five months pregnant. I hate how I look in the mirror. Change starts today.