Thursday, May 2, 2013

I dreamed a dream.

I dreamed that you had left me, desiring a break from "us". A short time passed, and I decided a "break" was unbearable. I searched for you until I came to a house. Inside I found a woman of indistinguishable features. I asked this woman where I might find you. I learned from this woman that she was a previous girlfriend. and that she and you were once again an item.

I was upset. I was numb. I left the house, and wandered aimlessly. My mind and my heart were empty. Then the memories crept in; memories of you telling me you loved me, telling me you would marry me. I heard your voice in the depths of my soul as I attempted to imagine clearly a future without you.

Suddenly I found myself surrounded by a sense of wrongness. It was in the air around me like a fog, so thick you could cut it with a knife. It became to overwhelming that it actually crowded me out of the dream, forcing me into wakefulness.

Many time I have forced myself out of an unpleasant dream; otherwise my REM cycle ends on its own. This is the first time I dream has kicked me out.

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