Friday, August 1, 2008

The Little Arachnid that wouldn't go away, and other stuffs.

Feeling that the antagonist of yesterday has moved on to less mobile pastures, I trudge over to the driver's side this morning, tired and cranky about having to go to PT. As I reach for the handle, I freeze. There it is. A full blown web. Not the stringy thing of yesterday. An actual web. Curse the little bastard!!

I walk around to the passenger side to climb in...and I just stand there, staring miserably at the car, clicking the un-arm button for the alarm over and over. I walk back inside and timidly ask Rich, who is lying in bed hung over from last night's shenanigans, "Can I borrow your car??"

"No!! You have to work. I'm not gonna be stranded here all [the 'all' drawn out in true irritated New York fashion] day!!" Sigh. I grab his broom (which I've never seen him use), and trudge back outside.

I wipe away the web, and have to psyche myself up to bang out the mirror four times. The little sucker isn't budging, so I carry the broom back inside, and resign myself to climbing in through the passenger side.

I'm at the last light before coming to the gate when I jump and cry out at the sight of that bastard. And so began, and I'm not embarrassed to admit this, my negotiations with that tiny protagonist.

I must pause to note here that fear has a funny was of distorting images and memories. Yesterday, its body alone was the size of a quarter and it was bright orange with black stripes. Today, it is merely brown fading into a lighter brown that might appear orange in a certain light, and the entirety of the body to include its legs is the size of a quarter. Huh.

Anywho, the negotiations... "Alright, stay right there, don't move. I'm gonna drive carefully here, so that you don't go off and hide again. I'll have a gate guard remove you, and you can run off and find a new home. You can go live where no humans can bother you, and I can have my car in peace. Does that work for you?? Just hang in there, I'm driving as carefully as I can without getting pulled over for driving too slow!!" And so on.

I pull up to the gate, and I point at the spider. The gate guard, in confusion, looks behind him. I point again, more specifically and vigorously, and he's taken aback at the sight The Little Arachnid. He flicks it away from the mirror, and I almost burst into tears with relief.

I am now able to get in and out of my car on the driver's side without fear, and hopefully that goddamned spider has gone and found a new home in tree somewhere.

After that, my day couldn't go wrong, and except for the usual parking misery at work, I was in a good mood all day.

Last night we hung out at Nick's , who explained almost as soon as I walked through the door that he would not be blogging until I ended my hiatus. I told him that it had ended weeks ago. Apparently, he took my hiatus from my blog to mean that I was decamping the blogosphere all together during that time, and according to him I'm the only person who reads his blog, so he hasn't seen the point in blogging, even though he says he has so much to blog about it.

And after the fight he tried to pick last night, I told him to get on it.

Brandon, Rich's friend, was also at Nick's, and Rich happened to mention to him that he'll be leaving in three weeks, though there is still no set date. I was upset that this was the first I'd heard of it (he'll be gone before the end of August!! That's sooner than I expected!!), and asked why he hadn't told me. He responded irritably, "I just found out yesterday." What?! You've known for a full twenty-four hours and have failed to disclose this piece of information?!

Men are completely oblivious sometimes. I wanted to smack him. I was totally expecting a departure date in early September. I was really hoping he'd be here for my birthday, but he'll be gone before then. I would have said all this, but chose to hold my tongue, as this argument would have made his friends feel awkward (we once had a screaming match in front embarrassing; on other occasion, I yelled at Rich for waking me up while, unbeknownst [sp?!] to me, Brandon was laying on the couch trying to fall asleep after a night of drinking...I'm sure he took it out of context and I looked the worse for it), and besides, he already knows how I feel about the impending departure, and the fact remains that he doesn't entirely understand how I feel. But that's okay, having a penis makes it hard to understand this sort of thing.

Anyway, I am in such a good mood today that I suggested to Rich that we go shoot some pool. And, miracle of miracles, he actually said yes to one my suggestions!!

I'm smiling as I end this post.

Oh!! And before I forget...the girlfriend of one of Nick's friends, a journalist, told me that she had seen my blog and that she was impressed by my writing. Yay!! A shout out to Christie!!

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