Friday, August 8, 2008

Kitty troubles.

So, my landlady busted me with too many cats. So not only am I forced to give up The Ex-Husband's cat, Tyger...but I'm also saying good-bye to my own cat, Mitzie. And it's breaking my heart.

Looks like Simi will be an only-child now. I will no longer be the crazy cat lady. I feel like bawling my eyes out all over again.

Non-pet owners don't understand. They never could. My cats are my children. I love them, they're my babies. They each have their own unique personalities, their own endearing qualities. Being forced to give them up is like being forced to give up your child. Now, if I had actually had children, it would probably be a little less dramatic for me. Nonetheless, it's heart-wrenching.

So tomorrow morning I have to get up and drive to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to meet up with the Ex's mother and sister. His mother will be taking the cats for me. I'm really grateful to her for this, as I had nowhere else to turn. It's gonna suck driving, though. It's five hours there, five hours back according to MapQuest. I could probably make it in four-and-a-half, but that's still a nine-hour round trip. Alone. I hope I can make it without making too many stops.

So, there you have it. It's just me and Simi now. I hope, when the Ex gets back from the desert, that his mom will be willing to give up Mitzie again. If not, I won't make a fuss. But I really hope I'll be able to see my snooty little girl again.

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Laggin said...

I'd be very sad if I had to give up my Beasty. (At least MOST days I'd be sad to give her up.)