Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birthday headlines.

Looks like I wasn't the only one pissed off at the pundits blocking speeches here and there at the Democratic National Convention. The speeches I did get to hear were very rousing, very inspirational. I just wish I'd been able to hear the other speeches. Guess I should watch C-SPAN tonight instead of my usual CNN. I also wish Rich hadn't walked in and changed the channel to a Jean Claude Van Dame movie. Gr.

And, yes, I will also be watching the Republican National Convention next week. If I can stomach it.

We should all be as ballsy as this gal. Her husband hired a hitman to kill her. So what did she do?? She killed the hitman. Susan, you are my hero.

Attacking children?? Yes. McCain went there.

I went to escort NM into the office, and as soon as I opened the door I said to him, "Ask me how old I am."

"How old are you??"

"I am twenty-three." It was the first time today I've said it aloud. I am twenty-three years old. One year older. One year wiser?? Meh. I feel the same as I did yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

well now, happy birthday devious pirate lord(ess) davi.

Welcome to the fold. I think when i get around to it one day, i shall make a pirate chan in your name.