Thursday, August 21, 2008

Purpose II: The Joys of Purposelessness.

I forgot to mention yesterday the reason why I don’t care that my blog is about nothing; why I actually prefer it that way. I was reminded this morning when reading the comments on Black Hockey Jesus’ latest blog post. He has a daddy blog. But he doesn’t always post about being a dad. Sometimes he gets into some really deep shit. And when he does, he sometimes gets criticized for straying from the “approved” subject matter. “Hey, you’re a dad writing a dad blog. Write about dad stuff, and nothing else.” Fuck that, I say.

My blog, being about nothing in particular, can go in any direction that I desire. I can share anecdotes from my life. I can discuss my plans for my future. I can wax poetic/furiously vent about my boyfriend. I can post links to articles and share my thoughts on them. I can post my written pieces.

I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT. And who’s gonna stop me?? No one. As a blogger, I have the same freedom as any other blogger out there in the Blogosphere: I can write about whatever strikes my fancy. Black Hockey Jesus has this right. Yes, he has declared himself a daddy blogger, so it makes sense for him to blog often about the trials and tribulations of parenthood, but why should this restrict him?? Why should he not wax poetic on metaphoric staining and so on??

The blogospheric sky is the limit. Let anyone try to hold me back, and you’ll be choking on the dust that I leave in my wake.

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