Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh, so that's how we're gonna play this game??

Hey, I have an idea. Let's just pretend it never happened. Better than coming to terms with it before happily moving on, right?? Alright. I'll play your game...for now. But when you least expect it, I will POUNCE, and the charade will end. 'Cause I say so. So sit back, relax as the days slip by in peace. And I will watch, and I will wait for an opening.

My coffee is making me a little silly.

I was let off work pretty damn early yesterday, and I literally ran out of my area like a kid released after a half-day of school. Of course, once I was out in the main area, I slowed to a more professional stroll. But I was in a pretty damn good mood. I decided to head right over to The Boyfriend's to help with moving. We manage to pack one large box before he strolled over to his computer and popped a squat in front of it.

"I haven't played Counter-Strike in forever!!"

"Yeah, not since Jay left." He opened it up and began scrolling through servers. "Don't you dare start playing, we have to move stuff!!"

"I'm gonna play, just watch!!"

"Don't you dare!!"

"Just sit down for ten minutes while I play." Goddamnit. I threw myself down on the chair next to him and crossed my arms. Then I became distracted by the little curls that were sticking out of the side of his head at that exact moment. I commented on them, because they looked so damn cute.

So I called my sister.


"Hey, Trish."

"Hey, what's up??"

"My boyfriend is so damn cute. He's growing his hair out, and there are random little curls sticking out the side of his head."

"... You called me to tell me about your boyfriend's hair??"


Rich ignored me the whole time. He had some counter-terrorists to kill, and the man was FOCUSED. I stopped gushing about the curls (Have you vomited yet?? No?? No, worries, I'll get you next time...), chatted a bit more with Trish, and then let her go so I could yell at Rich. He actually LISTENED TO ME (Holy shit!!) and stopped playing to load up the truck.

I finally saw pictures of poor Lola. She's missing her rear bumper. Oh, well. Shit happens.

I had my first Spanish class last night. What a fucking snooze fest...until she had us reading out of the book and spelling words in Spanish. Oh. My. God. You English speakers are HILARIOUS.

We did one exercise that involved filling in the names of a couple of celebrities with the missing vowels. A guy wearing a Pirates hat had no idea who Roberto Clemente was. He said he was more into basketball. Ah. I see. The hat is a fashion statement. LAME.

Thank Christ, we got out of there half-hour early. The next few weeks may be the death of me. Tonight, it's Algebra...I think.

Oh, and before I sign off, I will share with you the bullshit of all bullshit. Rich called that company to find out if they had a departure date for him yet. They have no openings for September. Unemployment, anyone??

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