Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Re-did my layout. Duh.

I was browsing through under the roof of a great house a couple of weeks back when I saw some information posted by laggin concerning a woman doing her thesis on blogging. I decided to jump on board and help out (I can't for the life of my find the link to the site now, sorry). I can't remember exactly what the thesis is about, but if you're curious you can e-mail her at

So she's sent me two rounds of questions thus far concerning my blog, and some of them got me thinking. "What is your blog about?? Why are you blogging??" Etcetera.

Why am I blogging?? What is the purpose of my blog?? Who am I blogging for?? All the blogs I link to have a purpose. But just a journal on the web. Earlier today as I was considering, I didn't like this at all. But right at this moment, I could care less. This blog is about nothing in particular, and I write it for me. I like knowing that people are reading it, that they find what I have to say mildly interesting. But I don't expect them to take away anything from this. If they do, good for them and kudos to me. If not, oh well.

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