Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Quite possible. An individual within the flight may be pulled from a slot, and either a former co-worker or myself are slotted as replacements. Well, the former co-worker's wife is expecting, and is due the month that the next rotation begins. So, I stepped up as the potential volunteer.

I don't even know where the hell I'd be going!! And naturally the boyfriend isn't completely psyched for it, and neither am I. But I'm not as upset today as I was when they tried to ping me a while back. For one, I'm not the same person I was a year ago. Emotionally and mentally, I have improved a hundred times over, so I'm pretty confident I'll be able to keep my head above the water this time. I've done this already, so I know this time around what to expect. And finally...there is no sense of dread. I feel better about this time around. Last time, as soon as the words, "I'll do it" were out of my mouth, I knew I would regret it. This time, not so much.

Rich commented that I didn't sound as upset this time. I told him I had no room to be depressed, because I'm too busy stressing about what to do now. Living arrangements for three cats (because no one in their right mind would take in three cats, let alone just the one if it was Simi), putting all my stuff into storage (I'm still getting stuff from the house!! I'm barely unpacked!!), breaking my lease (goody, house hunting upon my return), finding someone to start my car for me once in a while (at least I'll be saving on gas money). Oh, what fun.

Several hours later...

Afghanistan. It's to Afghanistan. Requesting training in my line of work, which leadership calls "an omen". Alright, now I'm feeling a little weird. If it was Qatar, fine, I've done that. But this is definitely the in tents and what have you. Possibly carrying firearms?! Me?! Watch out, she's got a gun!!

I think I'm gonna vomit.

Later still...

DM, my supervisor, wants to take it for me. I mean, this is all still up in the air, they won't know for sure till the end of the week, but apparently he wants to do this. It's not even his rotation!! He has to ask the significant other, and talk to the head man, but that's right decent of him. I mean, I'd be bothered if he was doing it just to get me off the hook. But he genuinely wants to go, so it's cool with me.

Ugh, I just wanna know for sure already.

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