Sunday, June 29, 2008

Self-imposed hiatus is over...but was it worth it??

I still don't know. I still have some issues to work out. This whole self-reflection thing has been a pain in the ass. I'm not crazy about it, but whatever.

It would be nice if a certain someone would call me right about now. You don't just drop something like that on me and then leave me to stew for a day or two. This is huge!! We need to talk!! Ugh. (That would bring the count up to three, btw. Should've known.)

Suffice it to say self-reflection is on hold while I consider the future, ie where the hell I'm gonna be in another year or so. I had a plan. Certain factors were deliberately not taken into consideration, making it a really good plan if this or that didn't work out. (If you haven't noticed, I'm taking a page out of my brother's book and being as vague as possible. I think it'll work out in the long run.) Now shit is up in the air, and the plan could change at any time.

Once upon a time, the future was something to think about tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow. But since the divorce was finalized, it's been something to think about today, today, today!! Time flies even when you're not having fun, and another one of those pesky forks in the road draws nearer with each step I take. There's no slowing down or turning back, so I have to think and come up with something, fast, before I get swept away by undesirable alternatives. Anything could happen between now and'd be nice if I had some clue as to what "anything" entails.

So what the hell am I supposed to do with myself until said clue finally chooses to enlighten me?!

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