Friday, June 13, 2008

Hell yes, I'm proud.

Yesterday I stole two pieces of candy from a soon-to-be-invalid, a co-worker who will be getting a hip replacement at the end of the month and who was experiencing pain in the afflicted hip at the time of my thievery. Am I ashamed of my actions?? No. Instead, I am astounded at my own awesomeness and was nearly collapsed under the weight of my sheer awesomeness.

One day late last year, the ex and I got to talking about the things we'd like to do, the hobbies we'd like to pick up, etc. He expressed as desire to learn to play the piano, which took me by surprise because until then the most interest he'd ever expressed in music in any form or of any genre was a mild appreciation for it as background noise while working out or doing chores. However I encouraged him and wished him luck with this endeavor, and expressed a desire to learn how to belly dance.

Since then I have not taken any steps do to anything of the sort, but was put to shame last week when I learned that Eric had actually bought himself a keyboard and is fully dedicated to the task of learning to play. Shame on me and my procrastination. I should remedy this.

Other things I'd like to get around to doing:

- take up crocheting again
- learn Spanish (Jay has promised me a copy of Rosetta Stone, hooray!!)
- start baking
- finally beat Pokémon Yellow on Gameboy once and for all (Even if I felt like explaining this ridiculous years-old ambition, I would come nowhere near to making you understand.)

Epic War Against Spiders and Bugs in General update: Terminix is coming over this evening to take care of my problem. Hooray for Terminix!! It turns out, after doing to internet research, that bug bombs work well against flying bugs and such, but are more or less inefficient against the creepy-crawlies that hard in deep, dark crevices of your home, as the spray that is released by a bug bomb is merely a surface treatment. So I'll leave it to the professionals, and hopefully get better results from that then I did from my spider spray treatment of the fireplace and vents.

Today was Rich's final out (as well as Jay's, who will be returning to his home up north), and he has sixty days of leave saved up for his terminal. And so ends his constant complaints about the military in general, and hopefully over the next sixty days we'll see a constantly cheerful Rich, one who will no doubt spend his days playing endless Madden, NCAA, and GTA IV. He's already a seasoned couch potato, but I predict that he will set a new standard for couch potatoes everywhere. We shall see...

And if you haven't noticed, I now have an account with Jaiku, a micro-blogging sight very similar to Twitter. The link is over there on the right, and I'm already making good use of it. How exciting to be able to randomly blog while on the go. A brilliant concept.

And finally, a shout-out to Nick, a longtime friend of Rich's, who has invited me to bond with him and others of his acquaintance over activities that are not centered around booze. You rock, dude.

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NICK! said...

I love a shout out. Seriously. Add me to Twitter if you got it. "nicktriplesix" no quotes.