Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cats amaze me sometimes.

I came home from PT this morning to shower and get ready from work, and I heard some noises coming from behind the washer and dryer. I knew immediately that it was a cat, and I assumed it was Mitzie. But when I took a peak back there, I instead spotted Tyger, who was desperately trying to find an escape. He was smart enough to realize right away that I was the only one he could turn to, and he obligingly gave me his paws to lift him out. As soon as I set him down, the ungrateful wretch went running for his hidey hole.

I don’t think he’ll be going back there again.

Viagra to enhance a ball player’s performance?! Where was this during the eighty-eight years that the evil Red Sox spent in a blessed funk?? (I am Yankees fan to the end.)

Fuck the Republicans. May they burn in the deepest, darkest pits of hell. Why the hell should these oil companies get such goddamned cushy tax breaks?? As if they need them!! Meanwhile, I make just enough to get by, get only $408 instead of the promised $600 tax rebate (and why?? Everyone else in my pay grade who is single got $600!!), and I don’t get any breaks. I’m sure if I asked for one, I’d be laughed at and kicked off of Capitol Hill. This government sucks at life.

This is unbelievable. An entire lake drained in a matter of days!! I’m having trouble trying to understand how it occurred, but I do feel a little sad at the loss of such a beautiful waterscape.

Hm. Jaws IV??

Best. Review. Evar.

OMG, this is insane. Who comes up with this stuff?!

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