Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trying not to think too much.

We've already discussed it. So why do I feel like I've been side-blinded??

The company that originally wanted Rich to do a one-year stint for them overseas (six-figure salary) finally called him back on the heels of him finding out that another job he was wanting would possibly have to cut back the pay the originally offered him because he didn't have two years of "general experience" on top of the six years of specialized experience that he already had.

So which one do you think he's gonna take??

I told him before I'd support him in whatever he chose to do, that I wouldn't leave him just because he'll be gone for a year. But then they never called back, and then this job became more of a reality in the past week-and-a-half.

And to be honest...I was a little relieved. He'd have a good paying job, and not have to go anywhere. Selfish of me, you may think. You'd think wrong.

Because if for some insane reason he asked for my opinion, you better believe I'd tell him to go Afghanistan. And why the hell not?! Earning nearly twice what the local job is willing to pay him at this point, gaining a lot more experience, and getting approximately 30 days of vacation time per year on top of that??

Ladies and gentlemen, The One and Only Leach has just informed me that he had a bagel this morning. No information concerning the type of bagel, the condiments used, or the accompanying beverage has yet been forthcoming. However, we will keep you posted.

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