Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fuck this week.

Monday morning: My coffee maker leaked everywhere, and I had to explain to my boss that I had accidentally used my government travel card over the weekend.

Tuesday: The payment for my traffic ticket was returned to me because there wasn't postage on the envelope when I dropped in the drop box by the post office labeled "traffic ticket payments".

Wednesday: Talked down to, as usual, when attempting to offer reassurance. That's what I get, I guess. Then spent twenty fucking minutes trying to find parking. And finally, checked my bank account to find that I have five dollars in savings and less then eight dollars in checking.

And, really, I bring all this on myself.
  • The coffee maker leaked because I forgot to replace a vital piece.
  • I should have already been keeping my card at work, not in my wallet.
  • I should have paid the damn ticket on time.
  • I should have learned long ago this person doesn't want my reassurance.
  • I shouldn't leave so late for lunch when I know that I'm not gonna find a spot at 1:40 in the afternoon.
  • I shouldn't have gotten an apartment that costs me $665 a month. When Rich invited me to move in with him, I should have taken him up on his offer. But I didn't wanna dump the cats. That's what I get for being attached to the ungrateful wretches.
No one to blame but myself. I'm always breaking something, losing something, forgetting something, mismanaging my money, saying the wrong things at the wrong times, procrastinating, and generally fucking things up for myself.

The only good news this week is that Rich finally has interview with company he wants to work for.

Why am I here??

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