Monday, July 7, 2008

Money troubles.

It seems that ever since I split from Eric, money has been so tight. And ever since I moved into my new apartment, it's becoming harder and harder to keep up with my bills. Rent payments, car payments, utilities, cell phone...It doesn't help that gas prices won't stop rising, and now the price of food is going up. These days I barely fill up my cart before I'm pushing a hundred dollars. A year ago, a full cart was $150!! I got paid a week ago, and my checking account is already in the double digits. I had to pull money from my savings account, something which is becoming a common thing. I did my budget for my next paycheck; I'm not gonna be able to get my tattoo that I've been wanting for two years if I want money to spend in PR. I'm left with a little over two hundred after doing the math.

I think it's time to get a second job. I considered a Falcon Loan from the Family Support Center, which pays out up to $500, but I don't wanna go that route. When you gotta take out loans just to pay the bills, you need to stop and take a closer look at your finances. I've already made my No-no list for the rest of this pay period: no fast food, no quickies at the gas station (ie soda, candy, etc), no books, no magazines, no toys, no socializing that involves me spending money or wasting gas. And I'm gonna have to start cutting that stuff out permanently. I have food in my fridge, I don't need to go to Taco Bell. I have water at home, and I'm supposed to be on a diet, so I don't need to buy a soda when I'm thirsty. Why throw away my change at the snack fund when I can bring stuff from home?? And I have plenty of books at home that I haven't read yet. And if my friends want me to come hang out, they'll just need to understand that I'm not gonna stick around for long if they're hitting up the bar or driving across the river (unless they wanna drive me and pay my way?? Ha!!).

So, yeah, definitely time to get a second job. I'm thinking Barnes & Noble. Job applications are available online.

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derelictstatic said...

sell the santa fe.
get a fuel-efficient import sedan.
turn off your a/c.
stop playing guitar hero and read a book.