Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Texas Roadhouse epic let-down.

Yesterday, Fiance treated me to a lovely lunch at Texas Roadhouse. I was trying to be frugal for his sake by ordering a cheeseburger, but he berated me for ordering a cheeseburger at a steakhouse. So I went with the prime rib, and was happy.

After getting home, I was laying down and letting my mind wander when my brain stumbled upon a memory from several years ago. The memory begins in the parking lot of a townhouse complex, where a friend of Fiance's lived before moving back to his home state. We were getting ready to leave, and for some reason I was trying to talk Fiance into going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We had not yet eaten there, and Fiance's friend chimed in. He told Fiance it was a great place, that he should take me, that we'd enjoy ourselves. Finally, Fiance relented. Yay!

We were driving down the highway a few minutes later, and visions of Filet Mignon were dancing in my head. There was the exit for Texas Roadhouse coming up! And...there it we drove right by it. Startled, I turned to Fiance to alert him of his error. Completely unfazed, he told me, "Oh, we're not going there." Instead we went home. To some thrown-together meal soaked in tears and disappointment.

What sort of person am I, that my mind would focus on this memory shortly after being treated to a meal there? Whatever. We got a good laugh out of it yesterday.

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