Saturday, February 11, 2012

Srsly...f*** winter.

It friggin' snowed last night, and once again the neighborhood behind the Shell gas station, my neighborhood, which is part of this damn town but sits on the wrong side of the county line at the same time, did not get cleared. I love fishtailing, don't you?

My windshield wiper fluid ducts were frozen shut, so when dirty snow was sprayed onto my windshield as I was driving down the highway, pressing the wiper button did nothing except smear the stuff and impair my visibility further.

When I reached the gate and pressed the button to lower my window, nothing happened because my windows were frozen shut. I had to open my door to show my ID.

At one point during the day, the wind was blowing hard enough to slam, not shut, SLAM, my car door.

It is currently 27 degrees with a windchill of 16 degrees, and I am blogging from my living room in thermals, two pairs of socks, pajamas, and a robe. This is because the storm windows leak something fierce, despite having thick plastic sheets duct-taped over them.

I despise winter. I despise Illinois weather. I despise this house. I cannot wait for our lease to be up in a few months; we are not wasting another year here. And I cannot wait for the day when we might finally have the opportunity to move to the Carolinas.

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