Friday, February 3, 2012

If only the world were that simple.

Swung by Planned Parenthood today, and had to be buzzed in to get through the front door! I don't recall this security measure being in place a year ago when I was last there. I commented on this to Fiance upon my return home.

Davi: "It's sad that they have to have something like that in place."

Fiance: "Yeah, because everyone was stealing condoms!"

Davi: "That's not why they have that."

Fiance: "I know, but that's what I like to think in my mind."

Davi: "O, if only!"

Yes, if only that were the reason for a reproductive health clinic providing services to low-income people to have such security measures in place.

For any conservatives reading this, I was there to pick up birth control. So that I don't end up with a happy surprise in 9 months. One that I might not be able to financially support. Which might end up with me on welfare. Sucking up all your tax dollars. Burdening the system even further. (Okay, I likely wouldn't end up on welfare, but I think you get my point.)

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