Thursday, February 2, 2012

I will fit in these dresses again.

This was the first dress mentioned in a previous post, that I meant to wear to a wedding. This was taken in December 2008 at our squadron's holiday party. (The pimp is a friend of Fiance's who was in the same squadron; Fiance was overseas at the time.)
Here is the second dress. This was taken on 15 June 2009, after returning from dinner to celebrate our engagement. I bought these two dresses on the same day, because I couldn't choose between them.
This is the dress I nearly did irreparable damage to before Fiance came to the rescue. This was taken on 8 September 2007; the day started out with a wedding, and in this photo it was the end of the day and we were celebrating a friend's birthday.

I will fit in these dresses again.

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Monica said...

You know.... your pictures just do not give you justice! You are just way to cutier in person.