Wednesday, January 25, 2012

O, the shame.

Two years ago, I lost 14 pounds with Weight Watchers. Four failed PT tests and +11 pounds later, I renewed my membership. Last time around, I was updating my progress on here to keep myself motivated. As you can see, as soon as I stopped updating, I fell off the wagon. So for the one or two of you who read this, if I fail to update promptly, feel free to blow up my comments section.

I can't afford to fail another PT test, and I can't afford to update my entire wardrobe with larger clothing. So here are my goals.

  1. For now, lose 5 pounds. This will be updated at goals are met.
  2. Do 20 push-ups in 1 minute. The minimum is 18, so this should get me an extra point.
  3. Do 40 sit-ups in 1 minute. The minimum is 36.
  4. Run a mile-and-a-half in 16:22 (the minimum) or less. Less would be nice, as I used to do it under 14 minutes when I was active duty.
  5. Rediscover the joy of fitness.
  6. Reestablish good eating habits.
I was doing so well before, but as soon as I shaved a few minutes off my run time and got back down to my active duty weight, I let it slide. I am currently 131 lbs. When I left active duty, I was 120. When I went to basic, I was 106! I would like to ultimately get down to 110. Before you say, "What the hell, are you anorexic?!", I should mention I'm only 5'2", and my size 7 clothing is snug. I don't think it's wrong of me to want to be a size 3 again, and even though the current minimum weight for my height is 109, even at 106 I was healthy.

Wish me luck.

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Adrienne Hood said...

I really wish you lived closer! I'd totally go running with you! Weight loss is such hard work but oh so worth it. I've now lost 115 pounds over my 3 weight losses(one from being fat, 2 from pregnancies). You're a strong person though so I know you can tackle this for you happiness and your health.You should look into the Ferguson 5K David and I are doing in May. Races seemed weird to me at first but I found that it gave me a great sense of pride and a desire to be healthier in general with these kinds of events sprinkled throughout the year. Let me know if there's any way I can help!