Wednesday, October 13, 2010


That's what we're doing. Kinda sick of paying rent out the ass for a shitty modular home that's falling apart.

I am a previous homeowner, but with the market being what it is, any advice would be appreciated.


Laggin said...

Look at foreclosures. Dirt cheap. They'll take work if you younguns are up to it, but I'd guess you are. There are agents in each community who specialize in selling foreclosures.

Otherwise, I have no real advice unless you want to hear scary things like...find a good school district. ;)

Monica said...

Get out of the city or county. You will get better prices crossing the bridge. Not sure where you are looking but you can call Jaime at The Leonard Group if you are interested in the St. Charles area. Tell him Monica sent ya.

He is REALLY great at finding good deals.