Friday, October 22, 2010

Brothers; you can't live with them.

Omission of the second part is deliberate.

Brother: why the hell do you like the yankees so much.

Me: It's in my blood. Why do you care?

Brother: adam and i were talking about the yanks last night over beer and pizza

Me: What the hell do you know about baseball?

Brother: i know it's like golf, but with running. i also know that steinbrenner likes to pad the yanks with players that cost way too much.

Me: Steinbrenner is dead.

Brother: *liked

Me: Are you in today?

Brother: nope. may be in later, depending on my desire to shower and leave the house, though.

Me: Anyways, I repeat the question, wth do you know about baseball??

Brother: golf with running. also, that i have no interest in it other than to push your buttons.

Me: Not golf with running. Go back to bed.

Brother: /ahem...couch. i'm going back to couch.


Happy Friday.

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