Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There's gonna be chaaaaaanges!!

Not grammatically correct, I know. But who caaaaaares...

Today was my last day at work. My active duty service ends next month, and hopefully from there the transition to the reserves is smoooooooth. I finished up registering for the fall semester today. I am officially a full-time student at my two-year college of choice. I'm signed up for History of Religion, World Civilization I, European Civilization I, and Educational Psychology. I'm stoked!! I am absolutely taking advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33).

I suddenly have all this free time open to me. There's so much I could do!! Wash my damn car, and get the oil changed. Lay out in the sun and tan my legs (the part of my body most resistant to the sun). Get in shape. (I love Wii Fit, ha ha.) Finally finish unpacking. (Rich, I don't wanna hear it.)

Tomorrow, I go to buy my books. Hooray!!


Laggin said...

What is this thing of which you time?

mdx3mom said...

I cannot imagine being stoked about Religion or history! You go kiddo, hope you can keep that excitement throughout all your schooling, you will conquer the world!