Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Massive disorganization.

For a few months there, I had my shit on track. I was making regular use of a planner for the first time in my life, and it was helping me keep track of appointments and bill payments. It's been over a month now since I last put it to use, and my life on an organizational level is suffering as a result. While on leave last week, I missed a training class and a PT session - - my third missed PT session to date. Also, it's been more than two months since I paid my cell phone bill...oops.

I shall remedy this with a quickness.

Moved all the big furniture into the new place, however none of it is arranged and I still have a crap-load of stuff at the house. And as a direct result of this move, I am flat broke and my savings account has been drained. So I can't buy bedding for my brand new bed until this Thursday. Lucky I started splitting my car payment; I won't be COMPLETELY wiped out at the beginning of the month. But it'll still be a nice dent, since I can't start splitting my rent till mid-month. *sigh*

Friday night was pretty fun. We got all dressed up for Katie's going-away and Rich's birthday, suits and dresses and whatnot, and met up for sushi in St Louis. We then hit the Big Bang, where Cory and Tom serenaded Katie, then Morgan Street where we lost everyone and watched ridiculous people dancing to ridiculous music, and ended the night at Big Daddy's, where I was grabbed by a complete stranger *shudder*. I will never again drive a drunk Rich home unless he's in a straight jacket. I'm shopping around for one now.

Got halfway through season two of 24. And the only reason I stopped there was because we'd finally come to an episode that didn't have a God-awful cliffhanger. Just three-and-a-half seasons to go, and we can get started on season six, my birthday gift to Rich.

I also got him an additional three-month subscription to Xbox Live and 1600 Marketplace points. These gifts produced the desired result; Rich finally downloaded some more songs for Rock Band, hooray!!

Three more Guitar Hero games will be released before the year is out: Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS, which should keep my well-occupied on road trips and such; Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, featuring (you guessed) Aerosmith songs as well as a handful of bands who have toured with them (I'll pass); and Guitar Hero: World Tour, featuring master tracks from Van Halen, the Eagles, Linkin Park (omg), and Sublime. It is rumored that Dream Theater will also be making an appearance. It will follow in Rock Band's footsteps in that it will include vocals and drums; however this drum set will have two cymbal pads, three snare pads, and a bass drum pedal. Also, the game will allow you to create your songs, pretty neat. Finally, it will feature boss battles; two rumored bosses are Ted Nugent and Travis Barker (yikes!!). I am really looking forward to this game, regardless of naysayers like Leach.

Ugh, sometime it's rough being grown-up.

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