Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marital bliss and my faith in humanity.

I have some news. I'm leaving Rich. I have found the one I want for my second husband: my futon. And why not?? This woman got away with it. Besides, it's only a matter of time before Rich leaves me for Lola, his lovely Eclipse. Just like this guy.

I can't help but feel a complete sense of hopelessness when I read article after article concerning missing children, dead teenagers, homicidal and perverted parents, and pedophile role models. I want so badly to reach out and help these victims, help keep them safe from harm. But I'm just one person. What can one person do?? I get so angry sometimes when I hear about children who are harmed by the adults who are charged with their care. But eventually the anger drains me, and I can only feel sad. Will it ever stop?? Will we ever live in a society, in a world where everyone, young and old, can feel safe and BE safe from those who would exploit them and hurt them??

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