Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shun the nonsense.

Davi's Facebook status on 6 February: Please join me in a 48-hour shun of [my Brother], Chariot Master, beginning now.
Redhead: why are we shunning him? *Shuns [Brother]*
Me: Because he deserves it. Do you think I'd shun someone without a very good reason?
Sarah: Is this because of the pictures? I liked them. They made me smile. Plus it reminds me of how much I need to come back and actually spend a whole night out with you guys
Brother: no, this is because a few people read something i posted incorrectly. [I am unable to recall what he was referring to.] alternately, a whole night in *wink*

Brother's Facebook status on 6 February: please join me in a 48-hour counter-shun of [Davi], my little sister, beginning now.
Me: That's gonna be bad for business...o, wait...
Ginger Queen: I'm anti boycott
Drunk Kris: I am Switzerland, I take no sides. However, I will take all your money!
Ginger Queen: And put it in a bank??
Drunk Kris: Sure... In exchange you can have some chocolate!
Sarah: Can I be part of both?
Brother: sure. chris and chad are already supporting both sides.
Chad: Shunnnnn the unbelievers!
Ginger Queen: Mmm chocolate, can I get some of the fun chocolate from Amsterdam??
[Ginger Queen adds me on FB.]
Ginger Queen: The shunning failed, we're now fb friends

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