Thursday, November 29, 2012

August 2012 mashup.

5 August:
Conservatives want smaller gov't, yet to me they come off as hypocritical when former governors from states outside of Missouri come to the area with political ads to tell me who to send to Congress to represent my state.
Sitting here, surrounded by cats, crocheting. And as I act the part of an 85-yr-old, I find myself pulling someone's hair out of the piece I'm crocheting. *cough* [Ginger Queen] *cough*
 6 August:
What, you think being an indifferent, sarcastic, embittered pagan in her late 20s just happens naturally? This takes work! You're welcome.
11 August:
Got [Ginger Queen] moved in yesterday!! From there, we all proceeded to fall apart in my living room from exhaustion. I keep forgetting there's a dog living here now. I'm surprised everytime I see Ewok, and think to myself, O hey, I'm a dog person now! :P Thanks to the boys for helping out Thursday and Friday!!
It takes 3.5 adults to entertain a boy of 6 years. Exactly 3.5 adults.
14 August:
Watched A New Hope, and the whole movie someone was either talking, singing, or sleeping. Don't ever have us over to watch movies.
15 August:
My domestic partnership is over before it had even begun! She was stolen right out from under my nose!

I have been declared the Queen of [Ginger Princeling], and he is my guard.
[Ginger Princeling] has sworn never to play Wii again, because I would not let him play the castle level on New Super Mario Bros. 
17 August:
"Beat my sausage!" Says my 6-yr-old roommate as he holds his fork aloft, a piece of breakfast sausage skewered on the end.
21 August:
Damnit, [Redhead], gossiping over the phone is inadequate. Run away and live with me forever. Simi will make room on the bed for you, and then I'll have TWO hot redheads all to myself. ;)
Ginger Queen: I think you have to share me now, so this is getting awkward and a little kinky
Redhead: I like kinky. Lol.
Pulled one of [Ginger Queens] hairs off my face while driving?!
Tuesday, 28 August:
You do not need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, or the Mariana Islands. #ObscureFactTuesday
Puerto Rico is geographically, politically, and somewhat culturally separate from Mexico. #ObscureFactTuesday
Puerto Ricans do not speak Mexican. #ObscureFactTuesday
Puerto Ricans are US citizens. #ObscureFactTuesday
Puerto Rico does, in fact, have things like airports and gas stations. #ObscureFact Tuesday
The United States of America has one rain forest: El Yunque, in Puerto Rico. #ObscureFactTuesday
The lowest US Postal Code (zip code) is 00601. It belongs to Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. #ObscureFactTuesday

From a cousin, in response to this Obscure Fact Tuesday:
Your pro- Puerto Rico posts remind me of when I was a girl living in Louisiana... when I told my friends I was going to move to PR, they were shocked, and they would ask retard questions like... How do people take baths, Is their running water?? How are you going to buy food? Do you have to go by boat?? ji ji.... lol
29 August:
Asked the 6-yr-old how I looked. Got a head nod. Guess I look fabulous.
"They sound like the Borg," says [Sir Haggis], as the NCO-selectees give their oath. I have to cover my mouth to keep from laughing. Can't say stuff like that to me!!
31 August:
[Ginger Princeling] gave me a butter cup. [Ginger Queen] asked him, "Is Davi your buttercup?" He nodded.

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