Thursday, November 29, 2012

DOMA sucks.

From 18 February:

I want to share this rant posted by a girl who was one of my best friends when I lived in Puerto Rico. We were in the JROTC together, and we both knew from a young age we wanted to serve our country. She is a member of the Air National Guard and mother of an adorable little boy. Miss you, Vilmar.
'D.O.M.A. Act sucks!!! R.O.M.A. Act should kick its ass!!! It really pisses me off how there is always...
something that segregates us gays and lesbians from just being normal. Who gives a flying fuck who I marry and makes me happy... And If I marry.. Shouldn't I have the same right as anyone else??? I do have a respected family of my own... If I wanted to serve my country, why would I have to marry a man in order to be considered eligible for active duty... I want a strong independent woman who makes me happy and would never leave my side.. But thanks to this D.O.M.A. Act... No, I can't... So no benefits for my wife... The woman who stands by me and supports me in battle... We are not recognized as "married" due to this act. Now congress passed the R.O.M.A. Soo hopefully this proceeds fairly quickly so this injustice ends... An it ends now... "vilmar ( Bill)"'

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