Sunday, April 20, 2008

You drive me crazy.

Not a good night at all. Minus the one hour that I commandeered the jukebox and put all that shitty rap music on hold. I'm never going to that pool hall again. And I'm never eating Jack-n-the-Box tacos again. And quite possibly never drinking with Rich again. That's still undecided.

I think I might actually go to church today, since I can't sleep thanks to J. And then go to my house and start packing, or something. I hope this week warms up.

Srsly, tho, I cannot believe people listen to this pile of excrement they refer to as "rap". Every rap song I've heard since I was ten years old has had the same goddamn beat to it. And they're really not that original. And if they can't rhyme a word, they make up words to go with it. And if they can't think of anything to say, they throw in a bunch of "uhs" and"whoos" and "yeahs" and "whats". I miss the old school rap which, while still not my cup of tea, was original and rhymed words that appear in the dictionary. These days, the tunes are all recycled. They all sound the same to me. I am no connoisseur of music, but I know garbage when I hear it.

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