Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm all shook up.

Not really, but someone somewhere in Illinois is. We're getting a lot of activity out here. I haven't felt anything since the initial one, but one guy is concerned that this might the beginning of the BIG ONE. Who wants to help me move all my shit down from high places in my house??

So, I told Rich that I think he should take the orders. I surprised both of us with that. I suppose at some point during all that thinking time I had on Friday, I became subconsciously resigned to the possibility of being separated from him for a year. Being thus resigned, I can rationally see this as an excellent opportunity for Rich to expand his horizons. I'm still not sure which way he's leaning in his decision-making, but he's at least making sure all his bases are covered for whatever may come.

And now the office is fondly reminiscing about the movie Birdcage, and other movies with hilarious gay characters. "Don't worry, it's just aspirin with the a and the s scratched off."

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