Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just take a giant shit on the rank structure, why don't ya'...

As the ranking junior enlisted member on my shift, I have certain responsibilities such as acting as supervisor when our NCO is out, divvying up the tasks among the airmen, and making sure e-mails are checked and trouble ticket queues are monitored so that our NCO can focus on his supervisory tasks.

There is five-hour overlap between our day shift, which I'm on, and the swing shift. On the swing shift, there is an airman. Airman S. He has one stripe less than I do. Which means, if I am the only acting supervisor present, I can delegate tasks to him.

His attitude towards this?? Not good.

"I don't have to do what she tells me to do, she doesn't have enough rank, she's not my immediate supervisor, rank doesn't matter on the help desk, I'll go to my supervisor if she tries to tell me what to do, etc."

First of all, if he goes to his immediate supervisor, SSgt X will side with me. Secondly, even though he's undermining my authority, he's really only hurting himself in the end. Fine, he doesn't have to do a damn thing that I ask him to do. But he better keep his snarky comments to himself in my presence, because I won't stand for it.

What an idiot...

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