Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spawning an urban legend.

(For the record, if we were to take that next step, it'd be nice if it were because it's what we really want, and not because it would be convenient/it wouldn't be any different.)

A conversation between diabolical siblings.

I just saw your old roommate.

Hah. The one that never talks?

Yeah. Wearing a hoodie with the hood up and a back pack, walking. I think he was wearing the same running shoes.

Of course

Why isn't he an urban legend yet??

Oh, but he is. More like a mythical creature. We should make up some horrible story about him and see how long it takes to get back to him. He works at TACC.

We SHOULD. I see he still doesn't have a car. Does he still live in the [dorms], I wonder??

I could swear I've seen him at the moto mart on 161/greenmount

Hm. I [saw] him once in '07. He was on base. Walking.

And again, so it would seem.

So it would. :) We shall discuss at a later time.

Almighty Davi and her Chariot Master...spawning trashy gossip one unfounded rumor at a time.

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