Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What started as a win-win ended as a lose-lose.

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Fiance to watch the Buffalo Sabres play the Philadelphia Flyers in game 7 of the playoffs. Directly across on a smaller screen, however, I discovered to my delight the New York Yankees in the Bronx against the Chicago White Sox. I positioned myself so that I could turn my head to the left for the ball game, and to the right for the hockey game.

The Yankees started out well with a homerun, but the Flyers led from the start. And then in the 8th inning, the Sox got a homerun and an RBI, and while they made a valiant attempt to come back at the bottom of the 9th, my Bronx Bombers lost 3-2. The Sabres also lost, but I don't have the final score off hand.

And what's that I hear in the distance? Another thunderstorm?

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