Friday, April 1, 2011

Fuck you, Terry Jones.

I'm not fond of bees. Not many people are. I express my dislike by keeping a safe distance from them, their tempers, and their stingers. That's what smart people do.

Terry Jones does not like Islam. Good for you, Terry. But instead of staying away from Islam, he decided to STOMP THE SHIT OUT OF THE BEEHIVE.

Thanks to that asshole, 12 people are dead. Way to go, Terry. Way to be a compassionate Christian who loves his fellow man.

I'm not saying it's okay for terrorists to react in this way. It's not. But Terry KNEW that the radicals would be enraged by his actions. And he should have known that instead of responding by burning a Bible, or specifically targeting him, these terrorists would respond by targeting individuals that had nothing to do with Terry's abhorrent actions. Because that's what terrorists do. They behave irrationally and harm the innocent.

Fuck you, Terry Jones.


Anonymous said...

ya... We should take this motherfucker and drop him in the middle of Afganistan.Lets see how brave this motherfucker is when he isn't being protected by the brave men and women of our country...those who died for this motherfucker.

Jill said...

well said.