Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling pretty stupid and humiliated.

I was planning a vendor fair for this weekend. It was a big deal for me; I haven't done anything like this on my own before, and I was excited for it. But the winery I wanted to hold it at told me, when I was ready to sign the paperwork and give them my deposit, that it would be a conflict of interest for them. Because they hold similar events themselves from time to time.

(I still don't get that.)

Thing is, I clearly explained via e-mail and phone conversations, what I wanted to do. Then I sit down with the manager, and suddenly they just can't accommodate us.

Today was the first chance I had to sit down and send an e-mail to all the vendors who had signed up. I had tried to find another place, but that was always a long shot on such short notice. The one promising location is located in an icky part of town, and even if I was willing to overlook that, the manager blew off my appointment.

Now I'm left looking like an unreliable fool to all these ladies. I want to try to hold one in June now, but I wouldn't be surprise if these gals want nothing to do with it.

I'm changing my middle name to Failure.

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Laggin said...

My new can't control stupid and you can't control others. Just float along...