Monday, January 3, 2011

My escape from reality, and the...benefits?

Me: I don't want to work.

Brother: You just want to bang on the drum all day?

Me: Nah. Ask me how I spent my weekend.

Brother: I know how you spent your weekend.

Me: O?

Brother: I thought you just hung out at the house for New Year's Eve and then hung out some more.

Me: I laid in bed reading all weekend. That's all I want to do. Just lay around reading. I never wanna stop reading. I want to read until the world crashes down on me. Then read some more.

Brother: You could be a book critic. Leave this life of [security discipline] behind you and just absorb books until your brain can't fit in your head anymore. Then your brain would live in a glass jar, for all the world to see.

Me: Hm. And what would the world gain from viewing my brain?

Brother: They could touch the glass and hear you yelling at them telepathically to leave you alone because you are reading.

Me: *laughs* Or perhaps a custodian might be appointed, one to watch over my brain until one worthy enough of the knowledge held therein could be found. And once they are found, they would consume my brain, and absorb all the knowledge I had collected through my lifetime. As was done once, in more primitive times.

Brother: About books.

Me: Yes. I suppose I should start reading the classics, in preparation. I'd hate for some youth to go through all the troublenof choking down my brain, only to gain nothing more than cheesy romance novels and Harry Potter.

Brother: Or worse. Fanfic.
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