Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowing and dancing.

I woke up Tuesday morning and called the base hotline, praying for delayed reporting. Which we got, so I hit snooze on the alarm and set it for an hour later.

I woke up an hour later and went over to my computer to check the weather and such. Branc popped up in chat, and said, "Yay for now work." Jumping at the opportunity to burst someone's bubble, I responded, "It's only delayed reporting." He countered with a simple, "No."

So I called the hotline again. Sure enough, only mission essential personnel had to report to work, placing myself and every other non-essential person within a twenty-five-mile radius on telephone standby.

I didn't really enjoy my day off, though. I felt sick for most of the day, probably from the regular milk I'd had on Monday night. I've suspected since I was fourteen years old that I am lactose intolerant. I've been drinking yummy Lactaid since I joined the military and started buying my own groceries. However, I was out of milk, and knew we were gonna get snowed in, so I zipped by the gas station and decided it wouldn't kill me to drink regular milk.

Big mistake.

I was queasy, queasy, queasy. No fun. But I'm all better now, just hungry.

I woke up this morning and called the hotline, once again hoping for delayed reporting. My wishes were again granted, and I once again reset the alarm. But half-hour later I got curious, and called back. What's this?? Another day off?! Hoorah!!

Now if only I could shake off this persistant headache. It's been on and off since Monday. Ugh... Oh, Branc is online, we shall celebrate together!!

Btw, do you know who it was that first spoke in chatspeak out loud?? You know, like the granny in that once cell phone commercial. "Idk, my bff Jill??"

Guess. No, guess!! Ugh, you guys suck at this game. It was...


...Tigger. Remember?? TTFN!!


I wanna go dancing this weekend.

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