Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm sick of this place.

I'm sick and tired of Illinois. It's been a nice home for the past five years, but I'm done. Is it the military brat in me?? It's not like I moved that often compared to other military brats. It still felt like too often, but I lived in only three states (plus PR) before enlisting. It can't be that. I think that, deep down, I know this isn't the place for me. I came here for a purpose. Whatever that purpose was, it's been fulfilled. It's time to go. Before I start to hate this place.

I want to leave everything and just hit the road. Go somewhere warm and wear shorts. Go stand on a fucking mountain and gaze at the world around me. Go somewhere I've never been. Get away from everyone and everything I've ever known, and just feel the world the around me as I wander from place to place. There's only one person I'd allow to go with me. I love my family and my friends, but I just don't want to see any of them for a good while. I only want you with me. I wanna take you by the hand and go running off into the sunset, go off and explore a new place, fall in love all over again, and forget all our worries and cares. No stress, no pressure from the outside world, just you and me under the sun, breathing and laughing.

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Laggin said...

That sounds lovely. Here's wishing you could wave a wand and make it happen.