Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apoplexy and positivity.

I was on my way to work, taking my usual route through the ghetto, when suddenly!
Yep, that there train is stopped. Because why the fuck not? Here's to being late for work! At least the co-worker I relieved found it funny. I thought I was going to have a stroke; but oddly, I wasn't even really angry. I was just overwhelmed by disbelief, and then a calm settled over me, and I entered what I call a sociopathic state of mind. I was calmly debating whether or not bomb this train for its audacity to fuck with my commute. Fortunately it got moving again less than a minute after I called work, and was quickly on its way again.

To break the monotony of negative posts, some positivity. I had an in-person interview on Labor Day that I wasn't feeling too confident about. I felt like I had failed to put forth more effort to sell myself, on top of showing up late to the interview after miscalculating the time and distance for the drive there. But yesterday the company e-mailed me to set up a phone interiew as the next step in the process. Awesome!

A few weeks ago, my darling Luna submitted a glowing recommendation for me along with my resume to HR at the company that employs her as an executive assistant. She sent me a copy of the recommendation, which I read aloud to Fordski. He laughed and said she sounded like the NCO she used to be. She was quite horrified by this. Anywho, the position she was recommending me for was recently posted to their career page, so I applied and had a phone interview yesterday. Supposedly I am only one of three candidates being considered, and I felt pretty confident about how the interview went. We shall see.

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