Sunday, November 3, 2013

Employment update.

The interview I was late for on Labor Day eventually evolved into my new job. I've been there for 2 weeks, enjoying every moment of it (but not the commute), and my last day at the part-time is this coming Friday.

Gah, I was about to get very negative about a person no longer in my life. But what would the point be of blasting the person (anonymously) all over the internet? This individual can no longer hurt me. I am okay. Being negative accomplishes nothing. I wish this person the best in their new life, I truly do. It just gets hard to hold it in sometimes, when I open that door from time to time to look at old things with a fresh perspective, and come to some very distasteful realizations. I have yet to vocalize these realizations. I'm not sure if I can.


Last month, Fordski took me out of state to meet his mother's side of the family; the following weekend, we paid a visit to his parents. Unfortunately there was...awkwardness...between us and his brother and sister-in-law, visiting from outside the lower 48. No need to get into those details. I think he and his brother could be on the path to less "awkwardness". This is desirable. We had fun with his nephew, at least.

We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family, Yule at home, and Christmas with my family in the high school stomping grounds at Sister's new digs, and then the New Year at home again with old friends visiting from out of town. Our first winter holiday season together...very exciting.

Exciting plans are in the works for us. An official announcement is to come in the next few months. No, I am not pregnant. All things in good time. A belated blessed Samhain to all!


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