Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankfulness, days 1 through 4.

I put enough of my negative thoughts and feelings out into the internet. I will put out some positivity throughout the month of November. This month is for giving thanks, not rushing headlong into a holiday that lasts a night and a day.

On 1 November, I was grateful to come home to a house thoroughly cleaned by Fordski. I gave him a very short list of things that I needed done before our party that night, and he went above and beyond.

On 2 November, I was grateful for a beautiful Saturday morning in my cozy home, making breakfast for myself and Fordski and The Gingers, just like old times.

On 3 November, I was grateful for a quiet afternoon with my love, spent catching up on our favorite shows.

On 4 November, I am grateful for my full time employment.

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