Friday, May 27, 2011

When will people learn...

...that you cannot e-mail/text/Facebook your way into heaven?

Every single time someone posts, "Repost if you believe in God", or some misspelled variation thereof, I have to restrain the smart ass in me. Like right now, such a post ends with the Bible verse, "Deny me in front of everyone [...]" get the idea. But OMYGAH I want to respond with, "DENIED." Just to be a smart ass and see what that person's reaction would be. Does anyone ever do that? I'd love to see that comment trail on something like that.

And then when I see these posts end with, "97% of you won't repost", I want to reply, "95% of statistics are made up". 'Cause they arrrreeee.

I'd apologize for my blatant irreverence, but instead I'm going to refer you to the disclaimer on the top AND bottom of my blog site. If you srsly think God is checking your Facebook to make sure you're re-posting that stuff, you deserve my sarcasm and smartassery. Have a blessed day.

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