Friday, May 27, 2011

This pirate yet lives...

...for now.

Spent last weekend in the Chesapeake area for Sister's college graduation. Had some AMAZING paella at Tio Pepe's in Baltimore. Pricey, but SO FUCKING WORTH IT. Also, didn't realize how much I missed that neck of the wood.

Fiance and I were throwing around different ideas this morning over breakfast, future-wise. Him going overseas again (current job is kinda screwing him), me going back to active duty, me going back to work period, looking for jobs on the east coast...things of that nature. Just talk...even if we were to seriously consider any of those ideas (with the exception of the overseas plan, which could be a very real possibility for the near future), none of those would be occurring during this calendar year.

Tonight's my last class of Race and Ethnic Relations. Learned a couple of interesting things, but for the most part I'm done with it. Next month is General Psych...yay. Psychology is fascinating to me, but I already took Intro to Psych at my last school, and I'm only taking this one because the only other one that appealed to me for June, Earth Science, is six weeks as opposed to four weeks, and so would cut into my July class. Blah, I'll stop boring you.

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